Sci-Fi Witch Doctor

Focusing on a rich blend of breakbeat, techno, dub, and funk, the Sci-Fi Witch Doctor is rapidly gaining respect throughout the continent for his incendiary live performances.

Over the last year and a half, he has played at over seventy clubs, parties, raves, and festivals throughout Canada and the West Coast, headlining with such legendary international talent as Derrick May, the Hardkiss Brothers, and Mark Farina, to name a few. His proliferous studio output has led to collaborations with Thomas Michael of Los Angeles, Daniel, founder of the now-infamous Southern California Moontribe crew, and local superstar DJ Czech, among others.

Future projects are in the works for release on underground techno labels such as Lowdown Records of Vancouver, and Automat Records of Los Angeles. Keep an ear out for his “Bodymind/Deep Ecology” 12-inch single, and “Enter the Now” full-length CD, available now on Phatt Phunk Records.