Von Shock got his start in the music industry with the creation of Pterodactyl records in 1989. Born Mario Cabrera in Havana, Cuba, Von Shock began working with flamenco guitarist Django Porter in 1994, being naturally drawn to his Spanish roots which blossomed into the acoustic dark flamenco group Sapien. Shortly thereafter, Sapien started incorporating the sounds of the LA underground dance scene, where his acoustic music has had a unique place in the international dance music arena, collaborating with various artists and remixers from around the world.

Sapien’s first single, Amor Negro, was remixed by Frankie-O and by the well-known UK Rockers Hi-Fi. The Rockers Hi-Fi liked the the track so much they released Amor Negro as well as the b-side, Gato De Oro, as a single on their own label, Different Drummer. The Rockers Hi-Fi mix of Gato De Oro, came out on 4 more labels world wide. The creative partnership between Sapien and the Rockers still continues today. The beginning of ’95 brought Sapien s second acoustic record titled Que Dolor. It was originally remixed by LA’s Ian Rick and Rockers Hi-Fi, and later remixed by Austrian “Acid-Jazzers” Kruder & Dorfmeister. Que Dolor has been featured on 4 compilations. In ’95, Sapien was transformed into a tight duo between Von Shock and new member Jeeve, a well known Euro-American songwriter/producer. Together they have worked on many projects including Interlink, Orion’s Nebula and remixes for Engelbert Humperdink and Marilyn Manson.

They’ve also worked with various artists in LA and in Europe.For almost a decade, Von Shock has participated in music seminars including the Winter Music Conference in Florida, 1996 Rave City in Munich and 1997-99 Love Parade in Berlin. He’s worked with artists such as Carl Cox, DJ Linus from Germany, DJ Dimitri from Amsterdam, Afrika Islam and LA’s own Mark Lewis. Von Shock also promoted the late and beloved Groove Radio in Los Angeles, sponsoring some of their parties.

New releases in 1999 Groove It To The Limits and Neo-climactic on Pterodactyl Records and Sex Addict, Paradiso, Emergency and Push on the LA-based label Phatt Phunk Records announce Sapiens arrival. Also the comeback of Von Shock into the DJ world with a residency at Club BBC in San Diego and gigs all around the globe. Sapien is now working with female vocalist Lizzi from the label NEO Records from London UK owned and operated by Eddie Gordon of the BBC Radio Essential Mix on songs titled Confusion and Searching For Lust, to be released in the UK