Pure Nova – Discography

Electronic music has taken on many new sounds, styles, and classifications in the last decade. Many new artists, writing and performing electronic music from experimental to dance floor ready, have emerged. PURE NOVA is one such live performance/recording artist.

Now departing from the recording/live act, Entrancing Iris (who had releases on Silent, Twitch, and OM Records), PURE NOVA takes the eclectic sound and style of all electronic music and mixes it into an original sound that cannot simply be classified into one category. Elements of experimental, ambient, house, trance, acid, and beyond can all be experienced with a PURE NOVA recording.

Pure Nova’s May 1998 release of the “Awakening” (12″) on Fragrant Music, charted highly on Balance Promotions (Florida), Massive Records (UK), and Satellite Records (NY). Pure Nova’s November 1998 release of the “Shadow & Light” (12″) on Fragrant Music (co-written & produced by DJ Eyal), has charted highly on Massive Records (UK), Satellite Records (NY), and received 4 out of 5 stars in the January 1999 issue of Muzik Magazine (UK), calling it “a winner”.

Pure Nova’s soon to be released “MindsEye” (12″) on Phatt Phunk Records (co-written & produced by DJ Huggie) has begun to chart highly on Balance Promotions (Florida).

Performing live (no dats here), where unexpected things can happen, has been a very strong philosophy for PURE NOVA. “Performing live is a feeling that cannot be described but must be experienced. With performing live comes many challenges, but when it works right it’s magical.”

Contact: Dmitry Vainshtein

Email: dmitry@purenova.com

Visit: http://www.purenova.com