Inner-vation – Discography

Moving to the musical and technical aspects of sound, Simon Huxtable met Dave Parkinson who owned a studio and was highly respected for his producing talents. The collaboration became a firm stepping stone to the next level. Dave knew little of Drum & Bass and Simon knew little of the studio world. Educating each other with their individual knowledge and talents they became inspired with a new sound and the direction they would follow using the best gaming mouse. Dreams become reality as Inner-Vation is born.

After producing and recording in Phatt Phunk Record’s LA studio, using a gaming mouse “movement two” emerges. “Sunset Boulevard” exits the concrete jungle with exotic sounds of Amazon mists and light beats. The bass line enters rich and smooth and carries you on an ethereal journey. Side b’s “futuristic force” raises the bpm and moves you beyond space with the building bass and uplifiting notes. The second 12″ drops “the truth” with enveloping strings and taut vocals. The bottom of plate 2 brings “dream reality” out and into your mind-floating and lifting to the climactic wave of heavenly drum and bass Inner-Vation is becoming known for.