David Alvardao – Discography

Born and bred in Los Angeles, DJ/producer David Alvarado has been carefully developing his smooth, soulful house signature (deeper than the Atlantic Ocean) since he was a teenager. Solidly entrenched in America’s house underground and boasting a growing global following, he’s played a pivotal role in shaping the dozen disparate cuts on his critically-acclaimed Bomb Records indie, while cutting glistening tracks and remixes for labels like Definitive, Stickmen, X-Rated and Groove On.

Embracing a musical “less is more” ethos to all of his vinyl work, David’s motivation behind the decks or in the studio has been to add a new wrinkle to dance music’s vibrant fabric. “It all started for me way back when I was a kid in 1981,” David recalls. “My friends and I were the only ten Mexicans in an all-white school, so we were kind of outsiders and kept to ourselves. My cousin was a DJ and by accident we got coerced into playing music at a party. We all had access to huge record collections and it just took off from there.image01

Aside from sports, DJing was something I was naturally good at and I kept pursuing it.” Spinning everything from underground Latin disco to British new romantic tracks in the late 80’s, David cut his mixing teeth at huge parties in the burgeoning East side scene. Some of these parties drew 3000 clubbers and David and his sound system crew – comprised of DJs and dancers – regularly battled for bragging rights.

David studied a variety of legends from Giorgio Moroder to the Masters At Work – all producers whose bodies of work continue to evolve and influence. As the East side scene fizzled and rave culture infiltrated LA in the early 90’s, David set his sights on producing. His desire was to “develop a family, just like the guys in NY and Chicago did.” Since there were no LA gurus to look up to, David drew upon his many musical influences and threw caution to the wind. “Something had to be done and I couldn’t just sit around,” David remembers, “so i got to together with a friend in the studio and cut the Las Americas project.”

With his production career in full motion, David got to work on his goal of putting LA on the house music map. “What John and Richie made available to me was what I have always planned to use as a springboard for people in LA, to creat a house family. That led me to start Bomb Records, which was intended to become a breeding ground for local talent.” After a dozen releases wholly realized through David’s driving passion, Bomb has earned a solid reputation.

As David lays the groundwork for Bomb’s “blow-up”, DJing around the world remains a steady muse. David’s deep house contribution, “West Coast Vibe – volume three”, hit stores in the Fall 1998. Possessing a firm knowledge of the past and a desire to make an impact on the future, this is an exciting time for David Alvarado…and he has only just begun.