Best Bitcoin Betting Exchanges

Best Bitcoin betting exchanges

Betting exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq are fast becoming the only way people place their sports bets and only other types of bets. You see, on the betting exchanges, you are placing bets against your fellow punters and you have the option to place bets on selections that you don’t think will win, essentially, you becoming the bookmaker. There are many different benefits from this type of betting and the main one being you can receive better odds than the “normal” type of bookies. The sports exchanges have rapidly taken over the online gambling world and as a result, many “normal” bookmakers have had to take action by offering great bonuses etc.

Bitcoin Betting Exchanges have recently started appearing online and the main one we have reviewed is BETBTC. The reason we only added this site to ours for a review is the fact that we feel they are the only great Bitcoin sports exchange at the moment. Of course that will probably change over the next few years, and we will look towards them once we have good things coming from them. We have used BETBTC sports exchange for around 14 months now and we have never had any issues withdrawing or placing bets. The interface is similar to Betfair, where are there are different sections to either bet your selection or lay it. A little bug bear for us is the fact you need to place your bets around 30 minutes before the start time of the event you wish to place your bets. Probably the reason for this is the sites liquidity. As the site is relatively new, it doesn’t have as much traffic as the big hitters, but we believe this will change when people are more comfortable with the bitcoin betting idea.

There are many different benefits to using Bitcoin to place your bets and the main ones are that you don’t need to sign up, no ID to place bets or withdraw and all deposits and withdrawals are normally instant and if you do have to wait, the longest is normally the first withdrawal that took us 6 hours. After that, the withdrawals was in our wallet within the hour, which is awesome as betfair and Betdaq take at least 3 days to see your money, and that’s on a good day!  Check out all great website below for all the betting opportunities with your bitcoins: