Best Bitcoin Betting Exchanges

Best Bitcoin betting exchanges

Betting exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq are fast becoming the only way people place their sports bets and only other types of bets. You see, on the betting exchanges, you are placing bets against your fellow punters and you have the option to place bets on selections that you don’t think will win, essentially, you becoming the bookmaker. There are many different benefits from this type of betting and the main one being you can receive better odds than the “normal” type of bookies. The sports exchanges have rapidly taken over the online gambling world and as a result, many “normal” bookmakers have had to take action by offering great bonuses etc.

Bitcoin Betting Exchanges have recently started appearing online and the main one we have reviewed is BETBTC. The reason we only added this site to ours for a review is the fact that we feel they are the only great Bitcoin sports exchange at the moment. Of course that will probably change over the next few years, and we will look towards them once we have good things coming from them. We have used BETBTC sports exchange for around 14 months now and we have never had any issues withdrawing or placing bets. The interface is similar to Betfair, where are there are different sections to either bet your selection or lay it. A little bug bear for us is the fact you need to place your bets around 30 minutes before the start time of the event you wish to place your bets. Probably the reason for this is the sites liquidity. As the site is relatively new, it doesn’t have as much traffic as the big hitters, but we believe this will change when people are more comfortable with the bitcoin betting idea.

There are many different benefits to using Bitcoin to place your bets and the main ones are that you don’t need to sign up, no ID to place bets or withdraw and all deposits and withdrawals are normally instant and if you do have to wait, the longest is normally the first withdrawal that took us 6 hours. After that, the withdrawals was in our wallet within the hour, which is awesome as betfair and Betdaq take at least 3 days to see your money, and that’s on a good day!  Check out all great website below for all the betting opportunities with your bitcoins:

Best double stroller

When a second baby is on its way, some parents feel confident about being prepared for its arrival due to the experience they have with their first one. However, there are a lot of parents, that actually start panicking about how they will cope with a toddler and a baby, especially when the age difference is not too big.

No need of panic of course, but there are a lot of things you have to think about in order to get ready for the new arrival and at the same time keep your firstborn feel comfortable with it as well. One of the things you should have in mind is purchasing a double stroller, as it will assure the comfort not only of your baby, but also for you and your toddler. There are many different types for double strollers on the market and we aim to help you make these important decisions.

Finding the best double stroller is also a priority for the families expecting twins and we, at have prepared a detailed buyers guide and honest reviews of double strollers that we have tested. However, in this post we would like to give a quick idea on what you need to consider in order to find the best double stroller that will suit the needs of your family.

First, you need to know that double strollers are different when aimed for twins and when aimed for a toddler and a baby. In order to find the best double stroller if you have youngsters with an age gap is not to miss to consider how much exactly is that age difference. Important thing that you do not have to miss out on, when on the hunt for the best double stroller is to consider where you live. There are double strollers that would be more suitable for families living in the town and in flats and others that would be perfect for house owners and outdoors loving parents.

In this sense, the climate you live in is also a thing to think of. If you live in a sunny and warm state, having a big canopy to protect your kids from the sun is very important, as well as a having somewhere for them to stay comfortable when taking them out for long periods at a time. Whether you are on your weekly shop, or just taking the littles ones for a walk in the park, selecting the best double stroller is vitally important and we at will help you make the best choice for you and your children.…

Inner-vation – Discography

Moving to the musical and technical aspects of sound, Simon Huxtable met Dave Parkinson who owned a studio and was highly respected for his producing talents. The collaboration became a firm stepping stone to the next level. Dave knew little of Drum & Bass and Simon knew little of the studio world. Educating each other with their individual knowledge and talents they became inspired with a new sound and the direction they would follow using the best gaming mouse. Dreams become reality as Inner-Vation is born.

After producing and recording in Phatt Phunk Record’s LA studio, using a gaming mouse “movement two” emerges. “Sunset Boulevard” exits the concrete jungle with exotic sounds of Amazon mists and light beats. The bass line enters rich and smooth and carries you on an ethereal journey. Side b’s “futuristic force” raises the bpm and moves you beyond space with the building bass and uplifiting notes. The second 12″ drops “the truth” with enveloping strings and taut vocals. The bottom of plate 2 brings “dream reality” out and into your mind-floating and lifting to the climactic wave of heavenly drum and bass Inner-Vation is becoming known for.…

Grant Plant – Discography

DJ and producer/rePlant hails from Cambridge, UK where his Friday night residency at Mo Tea Vicar packs 800 well-educated club goers each week. Once a month he moves the party to the biggest venue in East England and enthralls a loyal crowd of 2000+ with his eclectic style of house, garage, breakbeat and disco. Grant has raised the hands of fans all over the world with Carl Cox (among others) and on the Cream and Renaissance tours! Grant has recently performed in Australia and New Zealand. As well as playing in San Francisco at Spundae and The End-Up, Los Angeles’ Logic and Insomnia and in Canada for The Limit, The Wet Bar, Nexus Tribe and 930 Station Street. Look for him this summer in Ibiza promoting and residing over Godâs Kitchen, as the London club moves for the season.

Grant’s recent producing credits including “Beats”, “Anymore”, and “Little Sun” are being caned by the likes of Carl Cox (on his new CD), Sasha and Paul Oakenfold. Look for his 12″s on Mo Tea Vicar in the UK and Phatt Phunk Records in North America. Grant’s first mixed CD compilation “West Coast Vibe – volume two” was released fall 1998 on Phatt Phunk Records. He is working in the studio (with what little time he has) and will continue to produce funky beats while he is home.

Grant has built a reputation for heightening the energy at parties, regardless of the culture and style, through his enthusiasm for the music.…


It was in Tokyo, only a few years ago, that Rennie “Dubnut-One” Foster decided to make House music his life. Throughout his teenage years, Rennie was already living in a world of beats. House, hip-hop, breaking, bombing and rhyming all finally led Mr. Foster to the world of DJing, where he has excelled ever since. After only a few short years mastering his versatile turntablism, Rennie began rocking local crowds with an incendiary style of deep, hard, unrelenting funk. His unique style of jackinâ House grooves combined with hip-hop tricks and wicked scratching skills went on to be dubbed as a new genre by Japan’s Tribal Magazine – ‘B-Boy House’.

Playing parties and club nights in Victoria, Vancouver and beyond, led him to his now legendary three year Fluid residency in his hometown of Victoria. Returning to Japan in 1998, he became the resident DJ at Tokyo’s Club Loop, and went on to guest at some of Asia’s most notable clubs, including Mission, M.O., and Yellow in Tokyo and at the Dam in Seoul. Over the years, Rennie has performed with such living legends as Frankie Knuckles and Grandmaster Flash, and with legends in-the-making such as Johnny Fiasco, Mark Farina, Gemini, Stacey Pullen, and King Britt.

The experimental House tracks that define “Dubnut” are very deep, sometimes hard and always funky. Super-dope percussion, dubbed out samples, and a hip-hop inspired approach to composition gives his music an extremely innovative edge. Influences heard in Rennie’s music and track selection include Marshall Jefferson, Basement Jaxx, Brand Nubian, De La Soul, Larry Levan, Tribe Called Quest, Kurtis Mantronik, Cajmere, KMD, Blaze, Afrika Bambaata, Jedi Knights, RaSoul, Cassio Ware, Morgan Geist, Roger Sanchez and the Mongoloidz Crew, M.A.W., and Derrick Carter, yet he’s managed to carve out his own unique niche in the world of House music.

His first release on Impeccable Records, “House.Work.” was released in 1997, and went on the chart everywhere from Vancouver to Miami. After winning Mixmag USA’s “Next Big Thing” contest with his two partners, Nicholas Martin and Troy Wolfe, he is currently fine tuning his 12″ releases “Chocolate Faktory” for Phatt Phunk Records for a July release. In other areas, Rennie’s pushing the envelope of house music promotion. Throwing the now-famous “Shelter” free party in Victoria before leaving for Toronto this winter, he slammed the capacity crowd with deep House and Garage for nine vibe-filled hours until the show was shut down by the police, after which “Dubnut” was met with furious applause. Now living in Toronto, his regular “House.Work” and “Spermcount” club nights, Thursday & Saturday, have been gaining notoriety for his extended all-night set of quality House music. It’s the “Dubnut’s” intense creative vision that allows him to innovate while always remaining a true House purist at heart.…


Von Shock got his start in the music industry with the creation of Pterodactyl records in 1989. Born Mario Cabrera in Havana, Cuba, Von Shock began working with flamenco guitarist Django Porter in 1994, being naturally drawn to his Spanish roots which blossomed into the acoustic dark flamenco group Sapien. Shortly thereafter, Sapien started incorporating the sounds of the LA underground dance scene, where his acoustic music has had a unique place in the international dance music arena, collaborating with various artists and remixers from around the world.

Sapien’s first single, Amor Negro, was remixed by Frankie-O and by the well-known UK Rockers Hi-Fi. The Rockers Hi-Fi liked the the track so much they released Amor Negro as well as the b-side, Gato De Oro, as a single on their own label, Different Drummer. The Rockers Hi-Fi mix of Gato De Oro, came out on 4 more labels world wide. The creative partnership between Sapien and the Rockers still continues today. The beginning of ’95 brought Sapien s second acoustic record titled Que Dolor. It was originally remixed by LA’s Ian Rick and Rockers Hi-Fi, and later remixed by Austrian “Acid-Jazzers” Kruder & Dorfmeister. Que Dolor has been featured on 4 compilations. In ’95, Sapien was transformed into a tight duo between Von Shock and new member Jeeve, a well known Euro-American songwriter/producer. Together they have worked on many projects including Interlink, Orion’s Nebula and remixes for Engelbert Humperdink and Marilyn Manson.

They’ve also worked with various artists in LA and in Europe.For almost a decade, Von Shock has participated in music seminars including the Winter Music Conference in Florida, 1996 Rave City in Munich and 1997-99 Love Parade in Berlin. He’s worked with artists such as Carl Cox, DJ Linus from Germany, DJ Dimitri from Amsterdam, Afrika Islam and LA’s own Mark Lewis. Von Shock also promoted the late and beloved Groove Radio in Los Angeles, sponsoring some of their parties.

New releases in 1999 Groove It To The Limits and Neo-climactic on Pterodactyl Records and Sex Addict, Paradiso, Emergency and Push on the LA-based label Phatt Phunk Records announce Sapiens arrival. Also the comeback of Von Shock into the DJ world with a residency at Club BBC in San Diego and gigs all around the globe. Sapien is now working with female vocalist Lizzi from the label NEO Records from London UK owned and operated by Eddie Gordon of the BBC Radio Essential Mix on songs titled Confusion and Searching For Lust, to be released in the UK…

Pure Nova – Discography

Electronic music has taken on many new sounds, styles, and classifications in the last decade. Many new artists, writing and performing electronic music from experimental to dance floor ready, have emerged. PURE NOVA is one such live performance/recording artist.

Now departing from the recording/live act, Entrancing Iris (who had releases on Silent, Twitch, and OM Records), PURE NOVA takes the eclectic sound and style of all electronic music and mixes it into an original sound that cannot simply be classified into one category. Elements of experimental, ambient, house, trance, acid, and beyond can all be experienced with a PURE NOVA recording.

Pure Nova’s May 1998 release of the “Awakening” (12″) on Fragrant Music, charted highly on Balance Promotions (Florida), Massive Records (UK), and Satellite Records (NY). Pure Nova’s November 1998 release of the “Shadow & Light” (12″) on Fragrant Music (co-written & produced by DJ Eyal), has charted highly on Massive Records (UK), Satellite Records (NY), and received 4 out of 5 stars in the January 1999 issue of Muzik Magazine (UK), calling it “a winner”.

Pure Nova’s soon to be released “MindsEye” (12″) on Phatt Phunk Records (co-written & produced by DJ Huggie) has begun to chart highly on Balance Promotions (Florida).

Performing live (no dats here), where unexpected things can happen, has been a very strong philosophy for PURE NOVA. “Performing live is a feeling that cannot be described but must be experienced. With performing live comes many challenges, but when it works right it’s magical.”

Contact: Dmitry Vainshtein



About Philosophers of Phunk

The Philosophers of Funk Productions (POF) dba Phunk Productions is a Victoria, B.C., based corporation. Since early 1996, it has been producing & promoting the best dance events on the Canadian West Coast. Within the Greater Victoria and Vancouver regions, POF has set the standard for quality sound and visual presentation of rave and club events. Through the process, POF has aligned itself with various government agencies, working hard on safety issues while paving the way to keep the music on late.

Always ahead of the curve in seeking out the finest DJ and electronic talents from the global dance scene, Philosophers of Funk was the first company to expose the Northwest, to such names as Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Ralph, Frankie Knuckles, King Britt, David Alvarado, Mark Lewis, Christopher Lawrence, John Kelley, DJ Brian & the entire Moontribe collective, Thomas Michael, Grant Plant and skylab 2000 to name a few. POF’s one-off events and annual parties such as “Subconscious” featuring Carl Cox have undoubtedly shaped the current west coast Canadian Club Culture.

In 1998 the Philosophers of Funk decided to expand its vision. Opening offices in Los Angeles, California, POF founded the wholly owned subsidiary Phatt Phunk Records Inc. dedicated to producing and marketing many genres of dance music. As the end of the millennium set, Phatt Phunk Records signed a deal with distribution giant Koch International in Canada. The circle now complete, POF’s legacy will continue to grow as it is now able to market music within the borders of its roots.

On the home front, 2001 set the stage for POF to hold a series of prominent club nights featuring the best local and world-class DJs. Stay tuned!!…

Thomas Michael’s Bio

Since moving to Los Angeles five years ago, Thomas Michael, along with fellow DJs Christopher Lawrence and Jason Blakemore took control of a waning dance scene and turned it into one of the most thriving underground scenes in the country. Thomas’ specialties are spinning everything from progressive house to techno and his spontaneity and inherent ability to energize the dance floor regardless of circumstance. Thomas’ popularity quickly developed and his reputation grew and was soon travelling from coast to coast. With over 700 parties and clubs under his belt, he has become an expert at creating the vibe on any dance floor even as far as New Zealand and Australia. Thomas loves playing for a crowd and in return they are always left wanting more.

In 1999 Thomas has performed at some of the largest and most talked about events in the US, such as Cyberfest in San Francisco with over 24, 000 people, The Sun Festival in Denver, Unity in Pittsburgh, Love Festival in San Diego and JuJu Beats in Los Angeles. Thomas has headlined with Carl Cox, Sasha, John Digweed, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, Goldie, Way Out West, DJ Rap,

Derrick Carter, Cevin Fisher, DJ Tomcraft, etc.

Not only is Thomas Michael one of the top DJs in the US, he has produced tracks and remixes for Fragrant, FXTC, Phatt Phunk Records and Fuzzy Logic.

On Thomas’ first trip to Melbourne, he has so inspired by the vibe and the crowd at Every Picture Tells a Story, he returned in hopes to capture that same energy for this CD.

Thomas has been working steadily in his studio with fellow artists Pure Nova & DJ Eyal on his first original 12″ release on Fragrant. Also included in his producing skills are remixes done for Impeccable Records, Fuzzy Logik and Phatt Phunk Records. His remix of “rollergirl” for skylab2000 is a crowd pleaser and you can hear it on his progressive house compilation West Coast Vibe – volume one on Phatt Phunk Records. Be prepared to be kept on your feet with his energetic & melodic sets the next time Thomas plays in your city.…


Mark Lewis’s “GLOBAL FREQUENCIES: TOKYO” is Phatt Phunk Record’s most ambitious endeavor to date. Featuring 10,000 home-main-lt2Limited Edition Digi-paks with 16 page full color booklet including an amazing photographic journey of Mark’s recent Japan Tour. Mixmag has voted Mark one of the top 10 best new
DJs for the new millennium……